Safety Guide and Transit Publications

Commuting Resources, Safety Guides, and Transportation Publications

Cross County Connection’s in-house marketing department produces high-quality publications and collateral materials for promotional and public outreach efforts to inform the South Jersey commuting public about commute alternatives, safety tips, and transit schedules and regional shuttle materials.
Our acclaimed South Jersey Transit Guide is an award-winning, comprehensive travel resource showing ALL the region’s transit options, connections, and contact information. This multi-page, full-color publication is cleverly designed to literally fit in one’s pocket, for travel on the go! Best of all, it never needs to be plugged in.
These invaluable materials may be found both here online, and at over 400 public locations across the seven-county CCCTMA service area, including: libraries, municipal buildings, county employment offices, social service agencies, and more. To request materials, or to find a distribution location in your community, call 856-596-8228.
NOTE: We should probably have links here for all our commuter publications. We can add later; I’ll have Nashay, our artist, work with you to provide pdfs/links.