Commute Options

Commuter Transit & Rideshare Services

Public transit is critical to our region’s transportation network, and is the backbone of a prosperous community. For those without access to a personal vehicle, public transit is their only means to access employment, healthcare, educational opportunities, social services, and to connect to the world beyond their doorstep. Public transit is a lifeline for individuals. Cross County Connection provides southern New Jersey businesses, employees, governments, and residents with public transit resources and shuttle service planning assistance. Whether a resident needs a bus schedule, or a business needs a bus stop or shuttle connection, Cross County Connection is their public transit link, and works closely with:
Ridesharing services, including carpooling and vanpooling programs, are provided to southern New Jersey businesses, employees, and residents. By utilizing an interactive rideshare-matching program, Cross County Connection can find carpool partners and vanpool groups for those seeking to share the ride. Cross County Connection also administers the Vanpool Sponsorship Program, which provides vanpool groups with a monthly financial incentive to vanpool.