Local Government Programs & Services

We proudly assist local governments with bicycle and pedestrian safety plans, shuttles, funding opportunities, and EV Infrastructure.
Over 100 SJ communities have been assisted by CCCTMA with bicycle and pedestrian planning initiatives.
CCCTMA assisted with eight bicycle and pedestrian master plans, 2015-2019.
Cross County Connection developed the White Horse Pike Bicycle and Pedestrian Road Safety Audit on behalf of the Borough of Somerdale, with the assistance of NJDOT, DVRPC, NJTPA and NJDHTS. The focus was a one-third mile section of the White Horse Pike (Route 30) including a dangerous non-signalized crosswalk and an intersection where traffic patterns and signal phasing create safety issues for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.
True fact: pedestrians accounted for 31% or road fatalities in 2018, despite only comprising 3% of road users. In New Jersey, a pedestrian is killed once every two days, on average!
During FY21, Cross County Connection assisted five Green Teams through strategy sessions on implementing bicycle and pedestrian related actions, participating in public virtual events, providing information on EV charging stations and assisting with hosting a bicycle and pedestrian safety audit.