Carpooling & Vanpooling


Are you looking for a more cost-effective way of getting to and from work or school? Have you tried carpooling?
Cross County Connection provides a free ridematch service to help you find a suitable carpooling partner based on your commute patterns—origin, destination, start and ending times. Depending on the distance traveled and the number of passengers, the savings can add up quickly.
Use NJ Rideshare – a free service that helps people living or working in New Jersey find a better way to get to work. You can also contact our office by phone at (856) 596-8228 or email
If a match is found, you will be notified via telephone and will be mailed a list of names and contact information of commuters who share similar schedules. Once you receive the match report, simply call or email the people on the list to make arrangements.


Join a vanpool and share the expense and the drive.  Cross County Connection is the authorized New Jersey Department of Transportation vanpool matching provider in southern New Jersey.  Cross County Connection works closely with employers and commuters to set up vanpools.

What is a Vanpool?

Vanpools are a formal arrangement among a larger number of people than carpools.  They work well for commutes greater than 40-50 miles round trip. Vanpools are usually created for 7 to 15 people, each of whom have a guaranteed seat and share costs. Cost savings increase with a greater number of participants.  The vanpool driver usually rides for free as it is his/her responsibility to administer the vanpool and care for the vehicle.

Types of Vanpools

Most vanpool groups are known as third party vanpools.  In this arrangement:
There are also employers sponsored vanpools, which are the least expensive vanpooling option.

NJ TRANSIT Vanpool Sponsorship Program

NJ TRANSIT offers a statewide vanpool sponsorship program, which provides a financial incentive for vanpooling in areas where public transportation is neither available nor feasible. Vanpools in this program are eligible for $175 per month applied directly towards the leasing of a van
Cross County Connection processes applications and other paperwork to assist vanpool groups with getting enrolled in this program. In south Jersey, a vanpool group must lease their vehicle from Enterprise Rideshare, a third-party vanpool vendor, to be eligible for the Vanpool Sponsorship Program.
To enroll in the Vanpool Sponsorship Program or learn more, please contact Cross County Connection at (856) 596-8228 or via email at