Complete Streets

Complete & Green Streets

Complete Streets are safe streets. They are streets that balance the needs of all road users, including pedestrians; bicyclists; public transit riders; people with disabilities; seniors; and children. Adding “Green” elements ensures that even rainwater has a place to go, reducing flooding and stress on sewer systems.
As a bonus, a Complete & Green Streets program will earn you one additional point on NJDOT grant applications and up to 30 points towards Sustainable Jersey certification.
Adopting a Complete & Green Streets policy does not require putting bike lanes and sidewalks everywhere. It simply provides a mechanism to ensure a county or municipality does what it can to make things safe and comfortable for everyone. Often, making a street “complete” just takes doing something small.
Adding elements such as permeable pavement, large planters, bioswales and rain gardens can be used to get the most out of Complete Streets projects, minimizing flooding while also creating an attractive walking and biking environment.
Cross County Connection provides a range of FREE services to local governments interested in joining the 175+ communities in NJ making their streets safer through Complete Streets & Green Streets:
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