Latifah Sunkett

SRTS Coordinator

Latifah Sunkett is the Safe Routes to School Coordinator for Cross County Connection. She has been with the organization for three years and works closely with the Marketing and Administrative Department to help improve and promote safe bicycling and walking in schools within the seven, southernmost New Jersey counties.
As a South Jersey native, Latifah believes that improving transportation by creating safer routes and providing sustainable, alternative modes of travel are the key to improving the quality of life in South Jersey as it mitigates inaccessibility to essential places. She recognizes that a part of this improvement is educating the public about the resources available for their use.
Prior to working at Cross County Connections, Latifah worked as a Site Coordinator in after school programming, where she learned the importance of building relationships with students, faculty, staff, parents and the community.
Latifah currently holds a degree in Sociology with minors in Psychology, English and Human Resource Management from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. She hopes to further her education and receive an MBA in nonprofit management.
In addition to serving others, Latifah enjoys traveling and discovering new cultures. Her favorite ways to explore new cultures are through leisure cycling and hiking.