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Nominate Your School And Municipality For The Nj Safe Routes To School Recognition Program!


It is that time of year, again, when municipalities and schools (public, private, or charter) will be recognized for their commitment and support of the Safe Routes to School program. The New Jersey Safe Routes to School Recognition Program is now accepting nominations. You can join the 62 schools and municipalities in South Jersey certified through the program. While schools and municipalities are free to handle the nomination process on their own, Cross County Connection’s SRTS Coordinator, Latifah Sunkett, is also available to assist our partners. Click here to request assistance.

The first step toward having your SRTS program recognized is to complete the online nomination form. All nominees must identify an SRTS Champion to build and lead your team. Your school or municipality’s program can be awarded first step, bronze, silver, or gold level recognition based on the number of successful SRTS events and activities conducted, in addition to a demonstration of ongoing support for the program. The complete list of requirements for schools to achieve each level of recognition can be found here. The complete list of requirements for municipalities can be found here.

The form must be submitted by January 31st.

Successful nominees will be presented with a certificate documenting their level of recognition along with promotion on the New Jersey Safe Routes website and possibly other social media outlets. As a bonus, municipalities and schools recognized by the NJ Safe Routes to School Recognition Program can also use these SRTS initiatives to earn points towards Sustainable Jersey and Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification.

Looking to get started? There is still time to participate in the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program and get your school and/or community recognized. Here are some SRTS program options Cross County Connection can help you get started with prior to the January 31st deadline:

The Golden Sneaker Walking Challenge – teams of students challenge each other to see who can walk the most steps. The competition can be between classes, grade levels, or even between schools! Cross County Connection will provide pedometers and a detailed program guide to ensure a smooth roll-out.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education Program – a 30-minute indoor or outdoor class that discusses everything from how to safely cross the street to the laws on wearing a bike helmet. The program aims to ensure children in grades K-8 are equipped to be independent road users by infusing fun, interactive materials, and lesson plans. We also offer an adaptation of this program in our SRTS Guide to allow teachers to administer the program on their own.

Satellite Location Drop Off – students are dropped off at a safe location within walking distance of school grounds and escorted to school by parent or faculty volunteers. This minimizes traffic congestion near the school and encourages children to walk part of the way to school.

Walk and Bike Safety Poster Contest – as reinforcement for our safety classes, students are given the assignment of drawing a poster illustrating a lesson they learned. The top designs will receive special recognition. With a parent’s permission and assistance, we will celebrate these students’ work on our social media accounts and website. No last names will be included. Students will be excited to see their work become viral.

For more information regarding the SRTS Recognition Program, visit the program’s webpage and please contact Latifah with additional questions and requests for assistance.

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