Marianne E. Sperry

Office Manager

Marianne Sperry is the Office Manager and has been with organization since the start of the new millennia, working as Receptionist and Assistant before Cross County Connection acknowledged her brilliance and moved her to management. Some of her job duties include Human Resources, managing grant contracts, number crunching of all sorts, and basically being a jack-of-all trades as needed, just do not ask her to deal with a bug of any sort, as that leads to shrieking and a quick exit from the building. When she is not working, Marianne has a passion for baking, writing and all things Bravo television. When she is not at home binge-watching Real Housewives and spoiling her cat collective, you can likely find her in New York City, especially near the theater district, or at some Convention for her hobbies. Finally, she feels it is important for everyone to know that Captain America will always be the best Avenger and he would want you to look both ways, use cross walks and wear a bicycle helmet.