Why We Need Street Smart NJ

New Jersey has been designated a "Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Focus State" by the federal government due to its high number of fatalities. But Street Smart NJ hopes to change that.

How It Works

Participating communities work to raise awareness of pedestrian safety laws by hosting events, handing out information, and through social media. Local police step up enforcement during the campaign to ensure motorists and pedestrians are obeying the laws. All communities are urged to participate.

Partner Communities

Nearly 40 communities have been partners in conducting Street Smart NJ campaign activities. The North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) first piloted Street Smart NJ in four communities in 2013 — Hackettstown, Jersey City, Newark and Woodbridge — and on Long Beach Island during the summer of 2014. With the help of the state's Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) and municipal and county officials, dozens of communities have opted to participate in Street Smart NJ in some way. Street Smart NJ receives support from the Federal Highway Administration and New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety.


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Whatever your method of commuting, remember to think SAFETY FIRST. Use the helpful links below to learn more about traveling safely on bike, foot, public transit, or car(pooling).

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